Between there and now, too cover

Between there and now, too

by various authors

twenty-four stories from nine different authors; something you’re guaranteed to love.

at least we did — that’s why they’re in here.

fiction and nonfiction, from writers who will see their work in print for the first time to those who teach college classes on the subject.

includes pieces by Bea Helman, George Goodell, Miranda Mellis, Jared Radke, Kayla Martell Feldman, Jack George, Isabella Greenwood, José Carpio and Marlon Webster Paine.

Between there and now, too cover

this edition is limited to 300 copies.


edited by Marlon Webster Paine, Isabella Greenwood, Jack George

typesetting by Marlon Webster Paine, Jack George

cover design by Isabella Greenwood, Jack George

artwork by Isabella Greenwood

published in May 2022

fiction, nonfiction


188 pages

ISBN: 979-8-9861130-0-5


limited to 300 copies

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